A 2024 P4P Ranwan Calendar Project centered around the enduring and eternal love between Mo Ran and Chu Wan Ning throughout the tests and trials of time.


{ digital release }

Schedule (2023)

FebruaryProject Launch
Feb ~ MayCreation
May - JulyLayout + Preorder Prep
JulyPreorder Interest Check
August 9Limited Preorders
August - SeptemberProduction
OctoberPreorder Fulfillment
November 4Leftover Sale
November 6Free Digital Release

frequently asked questions

  • Will this project be for profit? / How will artists and moderators be compensated for their work?

  • As this is a P4P (Pay for Production) project, there is no profit. Customers will be paying for the cost of production, packaging, shipping, and the amount needed to cover copies for artists and mods. We hope that everyone can understand that this project is only made possible with the time and effort from our artists and mods, and for each of them to receive a physical copy is the bare minimum. Leftover funds (if any) may be donated to charity or split between artists and mods.

  • What year is this calendar for?

  • This is for a 2024 calendar. If everything goes according to schedule, the calendars should be shipped in late 2023, so that they can be used as soon as the new year begins.

  • Will the project be accepting artists through applications?

  • Artists will be accepted through private invitation. There will not be any public application period.

  • How many contributors will work on the calendar?

  • We will have an artist for every month, as well as a cover artist.

  • What are the artist expectations?

  • Artists will be expected to create an original illustration featuring RanWan in one of the three timelines (0.5 - TXJ, 1.0 - Reborn, 2.0 - Post-Canon). Further details will be available in the Discord server.

  • Where will this project be shipped from?

  • Shipping is from USA.

  • Will Group Orders be available for non-USA countries to save on shipping?

  • No, we will not be accepting any Group Orders for this project. All orders will be made individually, via the shop when preorders open.

  • Will other formats of the calendar (print-out, desk calendar, etc.) be made?

  • We will not produce any other format besides the wall-hanging calendar, but the digital calendar PDF will be released for free, personal use upon project conclusion.

  • Will the calendars have accompanying merchandise?

  • Each calendar purchase will come with 1 vinyl sticker sheet and 2 vinyl die-cut stickers.

  • If I miss out on purchasing, will the calendar be reprinted?

  • Calendars will only be available during preorders or leftover sales. We will not reprint it for future years.

  • Who are the moderators for this project?

  • The mods are Kim, Xue, and Keke. You may read more about their experience here.

  • Have more questions?

  • Feel free to send us a Direct Message on Twitter or an email at [email protected].

artist lineup